KTVA students are fantastic singers.


(We’ll let you do the math – and figure out what that says about Ken’s methods)


Here, take a listen…

Taylor Swift – “Bad Blood” (in 20 styles)

Cover by Anthony Vincent, 10 Second Songs

Anthony currently has over 2,200,000 subscribers on YouTube. His channel became an overnight sensation after he posted a cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in his signature 10 second style. 

Guns ‘n Roses – “Welcome to the Jungle”

Cover by Gabriela Guncikova, Trans Siberian Orchestra & EuroVision finalist

Alongside singing for Trans Siberian Orchestra, Gabriela was a finalist in the 2016 EuroVision singing content, representing the Czech Republic

DragonForce – “Cry Thunder”

KTVA student Marc Hudson, lead singer of DragonForce

Marc Hudson – now the lead singer of DragonForce – learned to sing while taking Ken’s course. And now? He rocks. 

Fleetwood Mac – “Dreams”

Cover by Sara Loera

Adley Stump – “Don’t Wanna Love Him”

Original song by Adley Stump, The Voice

After competing in the 2nd season of “The Voice,” Adley Stump went on to win one of the three 2016 Grammy Amplifier Awards

Adele – “Hello”

Cover by Gaston Jauregui, Finalist in La Voz (Mexico’s version of The Voice)

In the video below, Gaston is the second vocalist to sing (the one wearing the hat)

Christina Aguilera – “A Great Big World”

Cover by Valeska Muller

Journey – “Faithfully”

Cover by Ryan Haeri, a singer killin’ it at age 15

 Yep. He really is just 15. Crazy, right?

Def Leppard – “Hysteria”

Cover by Bryan Escobedo, Old School The Band

Aerosmith – “Dream on”

Cover by Ken Tamplin

Stevie Wonder – “I Wish”

Cover by Tori Matthieu

Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Cover by Alyona Yarushina

Rihanna – “Stay”

Cover by Sonika Mckie, R&B singer from Grenada

U2 – “One”

Cover by Xiomara Crystal & Ken Tamplin

The Records – “Starry Eyes”

John Wicks, The Records

Michael Bolton – “How am I supposed to live without you”

Cover by Adam Spizzo

A Journey Through Rock ‘n Roll

(You should really watch this one)

Ken Tamplin / Anthony Vincent / Gabriela Guncikova

 This one’s just fun. 

So what about YOU?

Ken has a saying: “singers are only singers because they have the guts to be one.”


Not everyone has the guts. 


Do you? 


If you do have the guts…




What are you waiting for? 


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