Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy reviews are REAL reviews by REAL KTVA vocalists who have enrolled in Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. We do not pay for endorsements or ask people to hold up our products. KTVA vocalists are all over the world and are of every caliber, from professional touring acts to shower crooners. Click on the link below to read some of our reviews, and there are many, many more reviews are in our KTVA forum where vocalists share their breakthroughs, demos and stories.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Reviews.

The Forum

The KTVA Forum is an incredibly fast growing community of awesome KTVA vocalists and is a great resource for anyone into singing. Full access to the KTVA Forum is a bonus feature for those enrolled in the “How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else” singing course. Limited forum access is available to anyone.

Click here to go to the forum.

Live Training Sessions

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy has frequent Live Training Sessions for students and non-students alike. These Live Training Sessions (Webinars) usually take place on Saturdays and Ken Tamplin is Live via Webcam.  Vocalists from all over the world participate in these sessions, some use their webcam to ask questions and/or demonstrate their singing capabilities, others use the chat window to ask questions, and others just watch, listen and soak it all in.

  • The Live Training Sessions for non KTVA students are overviews of the courses and Ken Tamplin answers your questions.
  • The Live Training Sessions for enrolled KTVA students are advanced topic-specific events. Ken Tamplin answers questions and demonstrates various advanced singing techniques.

You are invited to participate in the KTVA Live Training Sessions, they are announced on the blog and in the KTVA forum.  You can also sign-up on the webinar page to be notified when the next available LTS will take place.


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Singing Demonstration Videos

We have a ton of singing demonstration videos to motivate you and to compliment your singing lessons.

Watch videos here:
Pop Singing Demonstration Videos

Rock Singing Demonstration Videos

General Singing Demonstration Videos

Student Singing and Sample Singing Lesson Videos

Evaluate Your Singing Voice

Master vocal coach Ken Tamplin will analyze and evaluate you singing voice. Just upload your Mp3 sample and Ken will get back to you within 72 hours with constructive feedback, whether you are enrolled in Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing lessons or not.

Upload you vocal sample for evaluation here.


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