Ken’s singing course has helped 1,000’s of beginners, amateurs, professional singers, and touring artists take their voices to the next level. 


And as you’ll see – the people who have used his course rave about it.
Here’s what they’re saying:

“This course will give you everything you need to know in building and growing your voice. It’s a gold mine.”

Anthony’s YouTube Channel, “10 second songs,” has over 2,000,000 subscribers and 124,000,000 views. It became an overnight sensation after Anthony posted this cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

Anthony Vincent

10 Second Songs

“I have more range and power than I ever imagined – and singing is so much easier for me now too. I can’t say enough good things about KTVA. The results are amazing.”

Alongside singing for Trans Siberian Orchestra, Gabriela was a finalist in the 2016 EuroVision content, representing the Czech Republic

Gabriela Guncikova

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Lead singer

“This is the vocal program I was using BEFORE I joined DragonForce. It really helped me start out when I was just beginning to find my own voice. I thoroughly recommend Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy over other singing courses.”

DragonForce are a British power metal band based in London, England. They were formed in 1999, and are known for their long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics, and electronic sounds.

Marc Hudson


Lead singer

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Ken Tamplin after working with him at KTVA.”

Kat Von D is best known for her work as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, which premiered on August 7, 2007, and ran for four seasons. She is also known for her cosmetics line that launched in 2008.

Kat Von D

Tatoo artist on

LA Ink

“No other vocal method that can deliver all the things his program delivers, and as quickly.”

Sara Loera

The Sweet Nothings

Lead singer

“I just cannot tell you in words how much Ken has transformed me vocally. Get absolutely anything you can from him; he will absolutely change your life the way that he’s changed mine.”

After competing in the 2nd season of “The Voice,” Adley Stump went on to win one of the three 2016 Grammy Amplifier Awards

Adley Stump

The Voice

Contestant in 2nd season

“I’ve done all the programs you can imagine… Ken Tamplin is the one and only program that really works to grow the voice. There is absolutely no comparison.”

Gaston Jauregui

Finalist in La Voz

(Mexico’s version of “The Voice”)

“KTVA works. Period. End of Story. Maybe some of the other DIY courses do as well to some degree but nowhere near as quickly, as completely or as effectively.”

Luke Streeter

Melbourne, Australia

“I’ve trained with some of the most famous and ‘best’ vocal coaches in the industry. I can’t begin to imagine how many thousands I’ve spent on training over a period of many years… Ken’s training beats anything I’ve seen hands down.”

Jake Fanning

Singer & Songwriter

Los Angeles, CA

“Within months my range had increased significantly, and my power went through the roof, more than I ever thought possible. My old recordings don’t even sound like me any more because my voice is so much stronger now.”

Sage Infinity

Singer & Songwriter

Washington, DC

“I’ve been making an effort to sing all my life, without much success. A few months back I found Ken’s singing lessons on YouTube. That has changed my life. I’m singing better than I’ve ever been able to before.”

A guitarist all his life, Tony joined KTVA when he was 69 (he’s now 74). In learning to sing, he proved that age means nothing – and you can learn to sing no matter how old you are. He owns a guitar shop in Liverpool, England. 

Tony Moran

Guitarist & Singer

Liverpool, England

“…my voice has exploded into something abnormal… and fantastic. It’s the most amazing feeling, to get to show off your talent, and really have confidence in yourself as a singer.”

Valeska Muller


Johannesburg, South Africa

“As someone who’s had 100’s of hours of vocal lessons… and performed 200, 250 or more shows a year… I’ve had the best. And Ken is the best. He’s taken me to new levels.”

Whiskey Diamond


Lead singer

“I’m 14 years old… and you do not know how many amazing things Ken Tamplin has done to my voice, and to my overall musician skills.”

Ryan Haeri

Guitarist & Singer

“My voice has grown incredibly. I’m singing songs that I’ve never been able to sing before.”



Manchester, England

“Utilizing Ken’s techniques has been a complete game changer for me. No more headaches, no more blown out voice. I’ve worked with a lot of different instructors, and Ken’s methods are hands down the best.”

Bryan E.

Old School The Band

Lead singer

“I cannot say in words how amazing KTVA is and what it has done for my voice. You just have to try it for yourself and see the drastic change. The result is simply amazing. ”

Like many KTVA students, Yuji started as a guitarist. Who, one day, decided it was time for him to learn how to sing.

Yuji S. 

Guitarist & Singer


“Wow. Just 1 week of working with this course, an hour each day… my voice opened up, and everything was just clearer. If you’re serious about learning to sing, this course is gonna work. ”

Rick R.

Spring Branch, TX

“Ken Tamplin is the best vocal teacher I have ever worked with. I have had four other vocal teachers and none of them have improved my voice as much as Ken has. In just a month I noticed amazing changes in the way I sing. Please try out KTVA – it will change your life. It has most definitely changed mine!!”

Tori Matthieu

Phoenix, AZ

“I’ll be brief. I started KTVA in February 2011. Does it work? Oh yeah! I record my progress and it’s shocking, the difference from 2 years ago – and even 1 year ago.”

Roger S.

Vancouver, Canada

“After 2-3 seconds of listening to me, he knows exactly what I’m doing, what I did. It’s like he can see through the screen of his computer. I’m doing everything absolutely different now. My voice changed.”

Alyona Yarushina


Moscow, Russia

“Ken opened up my world to a whole new voice. After eight months of using Ken’s techniques, my voice has grown so, so, so much.”

Sonika was the first Grenadian artist to have a VEVO channel.

Sonika Mckie

R&B Singer


“In 6 months working with Ken I have fully transformed myself as a singer. With Ken you realize that the sky’s the limit. My range, tone, pitch, style, and technique have all benefited enormously.”

Felipe T.


Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve improved my vocal prowess beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve gone from not being able to sing all of those difficult songs most of us know and love, to being able to sing almost anything.”

John Wicks

John Wicks and The Records

Lead singer

“About half an hour into the first DVD of the course, I had already discovered a major ‘key’ to singing better. Incredible. This is from someone who’s been a pro singer for over 25 years.”

Anaam Zen


Lead singer

“I tried so many methods before and none of those worked at all, just fake promises. All I got to say it that this is the ONLY METHOD that’s gonna make you sing like a real Pro.”

Diego Gutierrez


Bogota, Columbia

“I have never, ever sung as well as I can now, not by a long long way. My voice is richer, fuller, has more volume without just being “louder.” If this continues – as I’m sure it will – goodness knows just how good it will get.”

Ian F.


Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales

“Was at a club last night and just had probably the best compliment I’ve ever had. The guy that booked me said,


‘we have had bands in here for over 10 years and you are as good as the best we’ve ever had.’


Man… words can’t express how that made me feel. He took half a dozen business cards and he is going to pass round to other clubs now and said more bookings will be coming my way. What an investment this course has been.”

More recently, Wayne commented:


“I’ve been on this course for 2 and a half years. I still feel as enthusiastic as I did when I started. That’s the thing. You want to keep going. My gig bookings have increased with the help of this course.”

Wayne F.

Musician & Singer

Edinburgh, Scotland

“I have done lessons learning, classical and jazz singing as well as speech-level singing. The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy taught me more than any of those.”

Phil H.


Johannesburg, South Africa

“I did not have much faith in the DVD-format… but I can only say that I was wrong. Ken says you will grow your voice like crazy and that is exactly what I experienced.”

Kristian A.


Oslo, Norway

“You can’t put a price on progression, and with Ken Tamplin, progression is what you get. Easily one of the best investments of my life.”

Adam Spizzo

Guitarist & Singer

Melbourne, Australia

“On the 2nd day of doing the course workouts, I noticed that I can go up to Bb4 on EE vowel without straining. What in the world is this awesome program?!? I am so looking forward to continuing this.”

Kwang-Hyun J.


Cincinnati, OH

“When I started with Ken I could squeak out a B4 on my best day. Now I can hit B5 and everything in between feels pretty easy.”

Alex D.


San Diego, CA

“This course is giving me the opportunity to take on very complex tunes. I am currently working on “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater, “Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd, and a few Rush tunes. I couldn’t have learned how to sing “Faithfully” by Journey if it wasn’t for Ken Tamplin.”

Alex D.

Drummer & Singer

Lexington, KY

“Ken’s course has given me the confidence to get up on stage and sing. I did a gig the other day and got great feedback on my vocals from the MC of the function and from the sound guy, who has worked with some big names here in Australia.”

Nathan B.


Melbourne, Australia

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